But who is DJ Charley ?

Since he was a child, his house was filled with rhythms and musics playing either in the family home or used by his parents for their dance classes. It would not take long before DJ Charley discovered his true passion.

From early on, he had decided to have everyone know his selections and the mixes he has in his mind, and he was also ready to fight the shyness of his first experiences on the dance floor. At 13, this turntable genius made his first appearance in private parties.

With this succession of performances, he was able to subtly and skillfully impose his style during private events, and then in clubs all over Belgium.

DJ Charley wanted to see the world and to make it discover his talents. He constantly thrived to share his mixes and his vibe with a broader audience. All this pushed him to travel across Europe. His destiny was heading towards the South... In the early 2000s, he stopped in Italy at a crossroad of diverse opportunities. DJ Charley took over the management of a club while continuing his career with weekly shows or guest appearances on radios where he shared his passion on the airwaves. Beside these activities, he still loved performing live in trendy venues on the Italian coast.

Back in Belgium after so many successful experiences, multi-sided DJ Charley is now head of his event management company. His reputation is improving and despite a full schedule, he sends his team of specialized or trained DJs to numerous events all across Belgium...

In his homeland in 2002, DJ Charley met his bride-to-be, the famous Marisa, author, composer, singer from hits such as Bailando, Vamos a la discoteca... The two lovers got married in 2008 and had the joy of becoming parents the same year.

Since 2005, DJ Charley has started to collaborate closely with Radio Nostalgie for whom he performs throughout the year in the most prestigious events..

DJ Charley , will take you into his musical world where he will cover you in sound, mesmerize you with his rhythms and seduce you with his stunning mixes... You will finally be able to thrill and dream of the colorful music, from yesterday, from today and from tomorrow...